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January 30, 2006


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The money slated to be spent on arts and recreation came from Redevelopment funds and cannot by law be used for our water system. It was a case of "use it (RDA funds) or lose it". We are addressing the water issue as a top priority. Tom Whitchurch was the Broadband Director and was released due to costs saving matters. He continues to live in Alpine pursuing other ventures. Tom did some very good things, the most important was getting us in the fiber business.

AF Citizen

How about this change?

Quit spending money on un-necessary things like rec. center additions and city hall make overs and a $600,000 skate park and spend the money on something this city really needs - like secondary water and a good future culinary water plan.

What ever happened to the marketing genius the city hired to market the Broadband system?

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