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January 02, 2006


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Lets make the changes in city personnel!

My recommendation is a City admin with an MBA, instead of a MPA.

I would also recommend a young scrappy accountant.

Centerville Citizen

Hey there Shirl - I'm not a resident of American Fork (as you can tell by my name), but I've taken notice of the cemetery problem that American Fork is having. Centerville's cemetery is also predicted to sell out of burial spaces in about five years. I'm kind of a cemetery buff, and so I find the cemetery issues that cities face to be interesting.

Has American Fork ever gone through and reclaimed abandoned burial lots using the process outlined in the Utah Code? Would the city want to purchase any of the vacant 23.62 acres to the north of the cemetery, if AF could even afford it? (I'm getting my information from the Utah County Recorder's website, so maybe that land has already been developed and the county hasn't updated its records online). Or what about the vacant property that's adjacent to the cemetery on the southwest?

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