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August 23, 2007


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Highland does not own any of the land on the golf course. However years ago they annexed about 5 acres of land owned by the cities of AF, Lehi and Pg. Query: Do those five acres then make up the Quad Cities portion of the golf course? One other thing, we are building a pi holding pond that may impact an easterly 9600 rd. Secondly, priority 1 for us is extending 1120 N. West to 900 west at a cost of 1 mill, doing our part to help with east west traffic.


Mr. LeBaron, thank you for attending the meeting last night at Legacy Elementary. Your statement regarding the golf course was important to me on a few levels. 1: I like to golf at Tri-Cities with my sons and don't want to see the course ruined or changed. 2: building a new irrigation system and clubhouse for the course and then modifying for a road made no sense to me.

My question is: What is the status of the property ownership question between AF and Highland at the north end of the course? Does Highland potentially own any of the land that the holes are routed through.

On a higher level I like what the golf course represents in terms of open space and a place to go. Especially in connection with the Art Dye fields that my family spends so much time on also.

Thanks again.

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