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August 18, 2007


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Doug Brockbank

Hi Shirl,

The author of http://9600north.org/ may well lose her home if the 9600 North Proposal is approved by Highland City Council.

Please respond to her rebuttal of this (your) blog so that we can get both sides of the issue and make an informed decision as the the real facts and myths.

I believe her points deserve a response, as do other citizens in this surrounding neighborhood.

Note from Shirl: I have made a comment to the above referenced blog addressing the concerns listed. Also the proposed amendment to Highland's General Plan is in draft form, has not been voted on by Highland City Council. "If the 9600 N. proposal voted on by Highland City Council is voted on." is not controlling. Highland City Council is not the Decision Maker nor the Funding Agency.
The comment in the blog is reproduced here . . .
"The Mayors can take no action until ratified by the council, this has not been done. Further MAG is only a recommending quasi-agency and has no decision making authority. It therefore is "not a done deal" because for one thing there is no funding in place nor proposed. In any event public input has not been had. The meeting with Lehi, PG and AF was actually held on Wed 15th and another meeting is scheduled for tomorrow 8/22 at 6pm. The issue at this meeting to discuss a land lease agreement between the 3 cities with regard to land owned by AF and used by the golf course. The three issues discussed were protecting our wells, each city providing 1/3 of the water and contributions and lease amounts due AF for the use of golf course land owned by AF. All of this is dealing with the upgrades to the golf course which we have bonded for including a new irrigation system and clubhouse. The meeting was properly noticed last week and again for tomorrow. Minutes should be available for both. I was at the meeting on the 15th. A "proposed" road through the golf course was not discussed.

Ann Boyle

I am very happy to know that Mr. LeBaron and other members of the American Fork City Council are concerned about maintaining the open space of Fox Hollow Golf Course. The Open Space that flows from Highland Glen Park, through Fox Hollow and down through Art Dye is one of the greatest treasures that we have to pass along to our children and future residents of this community. As the farmland around us is swallowed up by development, it will become more important in the next 100 to 200 years. I am grateful for City Leaders and citizens who are willing to sacrafice in order to maintain this beautiful area.


I am pleased that the City Council is concerned about this issue and how it will affect the American Fork Home owners. Will members of the council be attending the Wednesday night meeting at Legacy Elementary on the issue?

From Shirl: I know I will be there.

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