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August 15, 2009


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Thanks David and Mark. Some great suggestions. Budget constraints perhaps would have been a good "2d five". Perhaps another post "within budget" to prioritize.

Mark Steele

Shouldn't have read David's ideas before adding my own--his creativity floweth over. But since we aren't constrained by funds:

1. Hire or just ask a disinterested by able negotiator (John Dougall?) to mediate between city government and property owners the city has ticked off in the past to get some deals done (for example, Harrington School, and two property owners adjacent to the cemetery that have medium sized property...)
2. Free up cemetery operations budget so they can repair/resurface cemetery roads.
3. Provide 10k matching funds to every business along downtown Main to upgrade/beautify their business buildings.
4. Put up some solid, attractive "Welcome to American Fork" signs at our main access points.
5. Put in a local bus system that connects AF neighborhoods to the main commercial/activity centers and UTA bus stops.

David Rodeback

1. Hire a fully-qualified, experienced city manager.
2. Raise police salaries across the board. They're slipping below market again, so we'll soon lose some of our best people. Again.
3. Give ongoing road maintenance a big funding boost.
4. Put a couple of ball fields somewhere else and buy a few years of cemetery life by overflowing to Filly & Pony.
5. As soon as the new fire chief is hired, nudge the FD another step or two toward full-time, without disrespecting the volunteers.

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