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December 12, 2011


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Concerned Citizen

thanks for posting your thoughts on the matter.

first, your rationales of "no demonstrative need" and "cost" contradict each other.

second, i don't understand your statement that the ordinance would legislate "perception"? how would deciding anti-gay discrimination cases would be any more difficult than deciding, for example, religious discrimination cases.

third, Elder Holland said regarding the SLC ordinances that "anything good is shareable." i'd like to hear your thinking on why "good" plus "shareable" does not add up to an implicit endorsement by the LDS church for passing these ordinances in AF.


I haven't read the entire bill, so my response may be out of place or poorly informed, but I still don't understand why you're opposed to this bill. You claim there is "no demonstrative need." Allow me to explain: You have a law that allows people to strip away each other's basic rights. The issue isn't whether or not there has been a "documented case of discrimination in housing or employment in American Fork." The issue is that it if there were a case, you would do nothing about it. That should be need enough. "Costs and Administration are undetermined," since when does cost ever play into whether or not you do the right thing? (I'm not an expert, but I don't see why the cost of passing this bill would be anything but zero). "The LDS Church has not called for statewide adoption of SLC's ordinance," what does that have to do with anything? Are you waiting for the church to tell you how to vote? "More and longer Public Process is needed," if something is wrong, show courage and fix it. Don't wait to see if it's politically convenient.

I'm sure you're a nice guy, but your reasons for not passing this ordinance are lazy and show a lack of concern for the rights of others. We're talking about the rights and security of real people. And you are sending a clear message that you don't care. This law is everything that is wrong with the treatment of homosexuals in Utah. Please realize that and fix it.

Eric Ethington

I would ask yourself sir, how many incidents of discrimination or bigotry are acceptable before you stand up for the people who elected you to office? How many before your heart softens.

Whether you are supportive of your LGBT neighbors or not, can you not find it in your heart and your soul to see them as human beings, worthy of dignity and basic human respect?

Your own Church (please forgive me for assuming your are LDS, if I'm incorrect I apologize)has spoken on several occasions about the importance and necessity of these laws. After SLC passed their ordinances, Elder Holland stated that the ordinances should be passed statewide (see http://bit.ly/4xh8pC). And in Logan, some City Council members posed your same questions, only to call the Church and be encouraged by the 12 to support the ordinances.

This is 'loving your fellow men' at its best.

Show the people of American Fork that their community is a welcoming one, and not a place of bigotry, fear or hatred.

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